Tomato, Mint and Pomegranate salad with Orange blossom dressing

Tue, 11 October
This salad is a perfect example of using a few ingredients and allowing them to shine. The combination of in-season tomatoes fresh mint and pomegranate Read More

Red Couscous with Chilli and Dill

Friday, 24th May
This is a really lovely dish to accompany any kind of protein, sprinkle feta on top or eat alongside salmon or chicken. Read More

Double Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Buttercream Icing

Friday, 12th April
We all love chocolate don’t we? This cake is moist and dark but not too sweet. The icing is really chocolatey with just a little butter and sugar to make it into an icing. Read More

Zesty Green Salad

Monday, 8th April
Well it finally feels like spring has truly arrived and with the clocks going forward I am enjoying the brighter evenings and this makes me want to eat fresh and green! Read More

Lemon Raspberry Cake with White Chocolate Buttercream

Thursday, 13th March
Lemon Raspberry Cake with White Chocolate Buttercream. Read More

Carrot, Cashew and Beet Salad

Wed, 21st March
I am always looking for new salads to try and this one came together really nicely combining 3 ingredients that I had on hand. Read More

Rosewater and Orange Vegan Truffles

Wed, 6th February
I like the idea of making something for your loved one. Why not make these truffles and package them in this beautiful striped box that is now available in store and online... Read More

Plum Honey Cake

Wed, 28th November
This is a wonderful rich and moist cake, you could almost call it a pudding cake. Read More

Chocolate, Caramel and Peanut Squares

Fri, 16th November
These are not a healthy treat but we all deserve something a little indulgent from time to time. Read More

Orange and Hazelnut Shortbread

Thu, 2nd November
These are a very crumbly shortbread cookie. Using hazelnuts in place of some of the flour adds a lovely rich flavour and crumbly texture. Read More

Sea Salt and Rose Sprinkled Stuffed Dates

Wed, 23rd October
These are a wonderful snack. They taste incredibly indulgent and are really simple to make. Read More

Zesty Herb Salad with Salted Soy Nuts

Thu, 18th October
This is a wonderful fresh salad with a real depth of flavour. Read More

Autumn Slaw

Fri, 21th September
This is a lovely side dish for any lunch or light supper. It marries perfectly with any protein from a grilled fish dish to a chicken skewer. Read More

Banana Bread

Fri, 7th Sept
Toasting the oats and nuts before you add them imparts a wonderful depth of nutty flavour to this loaf and the dark chocolate makes it a little bit more of an indulgent treat Read More

Ginger Lime Fizz

Fri, 24th August
This is a really refreshing drink for any time of year though and would make a great mixer for a cocktail Read More

Beetroot & Dill Soup

Wed, 15th August
This soup is sweet and delicious. There is a line of thinking that suggests we should eat like a rainbow and beets certainly help you do this Read More

Lime & Mint Tart

Thu, 28th June
This tart is perfect to make in hot weather as it involves no baking at all and is light and refreshing. Read More

Summer rolls with peanut dipping sauce

Tue, 12th June
These fresh and zesty rolls are a perfect light lunch or starter for a summer meal. Read More

Fruit Platter

Thu, 17th May
We all love sharing platters but usually I think of them for savoury items. Read More

Coconut Carrot Cupcakes

Fri, 23rd March
These carrot cakes are a reimagining of a favourite recipe of mine I have swapped vegetable oil for melted coconut oil which gives a wonderful flavour and half of the plain flour to whole wheat which, as well as adding fibre adds a nutty flavour and lovely texture. These are perfect for an Easter weekend tea break. Read More

Mother's Day Platter

Fri, 9th March
Why not surprise your mum with this beautiful platter on Mother’s Day? There’s no cooking involved, so even the smallest of hands can get involved. I have used smoked salmon, radishes, tomatoes, capers, red onions, lemons and dill, but mix it up to your personal taste. Pile everything into my Rego oven to tableware for a handy serving dish that will help stop spills in the bed. Enjoy! Read More

Santa Cookies

Mon, 18th of December

Cozy Hot Chocolate

Fri, 15th of December

Winter Spice Scent Bowl

Fri, 8th of December

Helen's Christmas Cake

Fri, 1st of December

Tea Time!

Fri, 16th of June