Gift card

Where can I buy a gift card or voucher?

Gift cards and paper gift vouchers are available from any Dunnes Stores.

Euro and GBP gift cards (for redemption in stores ROI and Northern Ireland only) are also available online.

Where can I use my gift card or voucher?

When shopping in store, present your gift card or voucher as payment for your purchase. Your gift card will be scanned and the price of your purchase deducted from it. The remaining balance will be returned to you on the gift card for later use.

Gift cards and vouchers are not currently accepted as a method of payment in our online store.

Gift cards and vouchers can be redeemed in a Dunnes Stores in the country of purchase only.

What are the advantages of a gift card?

Gift cards are an ideal gift, as they can be put toward any Dunnes Stores purchase across our wide variety of products. They are convenient and safer than carrying large amounts of cash. Change from purchases at Dunnes Stores can be loaded back onto a gift card rather than received in cash. Gift cards are also ideal for use as savings cards.

Does my gift card or voucher expire?

Paper gift vouchers expire on the date printed on the reverse of the gift voucher.

Gift cards are activated at the time of purchase and are valid for 24 months.  

How do I know how much money is on the gift card?

Your can check the balance of your gift card online or on your store receipt and can be checked in store at the till point.

How can I check the balance of my gift card?

Enter the 19-digit number found on the reverse of your gift card into the Gift card balance checker

Do I have to spend my gift card or voucher all at once?

You can spend some or all of the money on the gift card until its expiry date. Any change from paper vouchers will be credited to a gift card.

Can I get my money back if I want to return my gift card or voucher?

There are no cash returns on gift cards or vouchers purchased instore.

Please note that to cancel your online purchase of gift cards, you may do so  within 14 days from  the date that the card(s) were received by you.  Please refer to Clause 8 of our General Terms & Conditions  for details regarding how to cancel an online gift card order during the Cooling Off period. Please also see our Gift Card Terms & Conditions.

Can I get my change in cash when I make a purchase with a gift card?

The balance of your purchase will be returned to you on a gift card, for you to use the next time you shop with us.

Any change from paper vouchers will be credited to a gift card. Remaining balances less than €1.00/£1.00 will be paid in cash. 

Where can I buy paper gift vouchers?

Paper gift vouchers are available for purchase in store.
They are also available to order online for corporate companies.

Can I get my money back if my gift card or voucher is lost, stolen or damaged?

Your gift card or voucher is like cash, so please treat it carefully.
Lost or stolen vouchers cannot be replaced.

What will happen if I return an item purchased with my gift card?

Your refund will be added onto a gift card.

Do I get VALUEclub points when I purchase a gift card?

You are unable to earn VALUEclub points when purchasing a gift card either instore or online. 

Do I earn VALUEclub points when I pay with a gift card?

When using a gift card as payment in store you will earn VALUEclub points (gift cards are not currently accepted as a form of payment on dunnesstores.com).