Linking VALUEclub cards

You can link VALUEclub cards together by contacting us.

When VALUEclub cards are linked, the points earned by all linked cards will be combined. If more than 200 points are earned collectively (by all linked cards) during the specified points collection period then the primary cardholder will receive a VALUEclub mailing including money offer vouchers.

You can go online to check your VALUEclub points balance and the details of the any money off vouchers to be included in the mailing at www.dunnesstores/points

Please note that when checking points online, each linked card number will need to be checked individually.

If several customers residing at different addresses in the Republic of Ireland wish to link their VALUEclub cards; we require verification via email from each card holder stating that they agree to link their VALUEclub card with the other named person(s). This process would need to be completed before the card linking process can be completed.

Advantages of linking VALUEclub accounts

  • Points can be earned by more than one person in your household
  • Easy to transfer your points from a lost card to a new card