School uniform

Shirts & blouses

Our non-iron shirts and
blouses dry smooth and
ready-to-wear so keeping
them smart is easy peasy.

Shirts & blouses

No more grappling with
fiddly fasteners, our easy-close
neck makes sure that
buttoning up is child’s play.

Shirts & blouses

We know they’re not finished
growing, so our
expandable cuffs are ready
to change as they do.


Our supreme crease trousers
can handle a bit of rough and tumble.
Wash after wash, they’ll
stay crisp long after the last bell.


A quick snip and away you go! Our
adjustable hems give them room
to grow, meaning long-lasting
schoolwear is no longer a tall tale.


Sticky fingers? Paint spills?
Our school uniforms’ complete stain
control gets more mileage out of
each wash. It’s as easy as ABC.


With a new slim fit that is A+,
our shirts’ and trousers’
stylish tailoring is set to put
the cool back in school.


Our knitwear range is now
available in even more colours,
our jumpers and cardigans
have the coming term covered.


Dance, leap and run, our
moisture management technology
ensures their comfort is tip top of
the checklist whatever the season.