Shopping online

How do I find an item?

There are several ways to find an item on our website.

Main menu

Browse different departments through the main menu on each page. Hover your mouse over the department headings to see the various categories within them. After selecting a category, use the side menu to filter items by colour, size, collection and price etc.


Use our search bar located on the top bar of each page. Enter a word, phrase or item code. All items and information associated with the term you entered will appear on a results page. If your search provides no results, check you have the correct spelling or item code. Alternatively, try refining or changing your search criteria.

Store locator

Contact Customer Service via chat email  or your nearest store if an item is not available online. You can find the store contact information on our Store Locator.

Do I need to register to shop online with Dunnes Stores?

You can either create an online account or use our guest checkout facility when making a purchase. If you create an online account it makes shopping even easier as your order history, order status, delivery addresses, card details and your VALUEclub number are all together. A valid email address is needed to create an online account or when using guest checkout during the order process.  

How do I purchase?

Select your item and click 'Add to Bag'. The item will remain in your bag for 60 minutes while you continue browsing but please note that it does not reserve the item for you until you have paid. Complete your purchase by going to 'View Bag' at the top of the page and then following the checkout instructions.

How does the online shopping bag work?

Add any items you wish to purchase to your shopping bag. Item details are saved in your bag for 60 minutes but please note that the item is not reserved so availability is not guaranteed. 

You can use the Wishlist to save items you like for when you return to the site. 

What does the wishlist do?

Your Wishlist saves the details of items you like in your account. Simply select 'Add to Wishlist when viewing an item. To view your Wishlist just log into your account. You can also send your wishlist to a friend. Items added to your Wishlist are not guaranteed to be available at a later date.

How do I buy a gift card?

Dunnes Stores Gift Cards can be purchased online. Select the amount and follow checkout instructions. See our Gift Card FAQs  for more information. At this time we are unfortunately unable to accept Gift Cards as a form of payment in the online store.

Can I buy a gift card and other items in the same order?

There is a separate website to purchase gift cards - click here to order.

How do I find something I’ve seen advertised?

You can type a product name or style number into the Search box or check the relevant department using the menubar on the homepage. If no results display, try refining your search. Some items may not be available online at the time of your search so please come back later or contact Customer Service via chat or email.

How do I find out about 'new in' stock and promotions?

You can sign up to our newsletter when creating an online account or by using the sign up form located on the right hand side of the footer on the bottom of each page.  Also please see our 'New In' category on the left hand side of the menubar.

How do I know what size to choose?

We have helpful size guides to help you select the right iteme. The fit of an item is also included in its description. If the size in question is out of stock it will appear greyed out and you will be unable to select it.  But check again later as some items are restocked or contact Customer Service via chat or email.

Why am I unable to choose the size I want?

From time to time, the size you require might be out of stock. Unfortunately, if this is the case, the size will be greyed out and you will be unable to choose the size in question. But check again later as some items are restocked or contact Customer Service via chat or email.

Are out of stock items restocked?

Some items are restocked. Check the site again at a later stage to see if it has come back online. However, certain items, such as seasonal or limited items, may not be restocked. If you need further assistance please contact Customer Service via chat or email.

The size I want is not in stock. What do I do?

Some sizes are restocked. Check the site again at a later stage to see if it has come back online. If you need further assistance please contact Customer Service via chat or  email.  If you wish to contact a store the phone numbers are found in Store Info.

What do I do if an item goes out of stock after I ordered and paid for it?

You will not be charged for any items that are available to ship to you. We will let you know by email if your order is not completely fulfilled.  If you need further assistance contact Customer Service via chat or email. 

Are online prices the same as in store prices?

Yes. Online prices are the same as in store prices in your region.

What happens if I change my delivery country?

If you change the delivery country during online shopping the prices and delivery charges may adjust depending on the currency charged (Euros or GBP).  Once and order has been completed online the delivery country cannot be changed. If you need further assistance contact Customer Service via chat or email.