Eco-friendly, reusable underwear for your period.

Period Pants are a reusable, washable alternative to disposable period products. They look just like regular knickers, but contain 3 protective layers that keep you fresh and dry during your period or any other leaks you might have. Designed to be worn without pads or tampons, you can choose from Light or Heavy protection depending on your flow and what stage you are at in your cycle.

Why should I buy Period Pants?

As an environmentally conscious choice, our Period Pants will give you the confidence to leave disposable pads and tampons behind and replace them with a sustainable alternative you can trust.

When should I change my Period Pants?

Everyone’s flow is different, so the best way to determine when to change your underwear is to observe your cycle and change when needed. Try wearing your new Period Pants at home for a day and overnight to see how often you’ll need to change them.

How do I wash my Period Pants?

Rinse the knickers in cold water until it runs clear. Then, place them into the washing machine with your other items and machine wash them on a cold cycle. Hang them up to dry naturally.

How they work

Dunnes Stores’ Period Pants have 3-layer protection:

  • Cotton gusset with moisture wicking: To keep you fresh and dry
  • Ultra-absorbent layer: Absorbs fluid and neutralises odour
  • Leak-resistant layer: Prevents leaks and stains

Whether you’re at the gym, at work or wearing them overnight, you can rest easy knowing you are protected.