Francis Brennan Use And Care Guide

Laundry Instructions

  • Always check the care label prior to washing and separate linens into light and dark colours
  • Wash at 40 degrees using a mild detergent
  • Avoid laundering fine linens with other items, especially those containing polyester and items with heavy buttons or zips as these can damage the fabric
  • Pre-treat any stains prior to washing
  • Wash linens with lace or cut outs inside out
  • Stretch and reshape linen from corner to corner prior to drying

TIP: The less detergent you use the better!

Drying Instructions

  • Do not tumble dry
  • Natural fibres will crease but there are ways you can minimise the creasing
  • Dry your linen draped carefully on a clothes horse or line dry
  • Iron when slightly damp


  • Always make sure to check that your steam iron is clean as mineral deposits build up and can cause brown spotting
  • Iron linens while still slightly damp. Use a steam iron on a hot setting for cotton

TIP: To preserve embroidery and finishes, iron on the reverse side!

TIP: Linens with delicate lace or cut-outs should be ironed underneath a white towel or cloth!


  • Natural fabrics need to breathe so it is best to store your fine linen in a cool, dry and well aired press with no exposure to sunlight
  • Do not store your linen in plastic bags or boxes as this can cause yellowing

TIP: Linens stored long term should be wrapped in cotton, an old pillowcase makes a great storage bag!

Dry Cleaning

Dry-cleaning is not recommended for fine linens such as Francis Brennan the Collection.