Corporate Gift Cards


for your business


Dunnes Stores offers simple, bespoke solutions to corporate clients. Only ever a phone call away, we provide our clients with gift card solutions that give them an edge.

The iconic Dunnes Stores Gift Card is the perfect corporate gift. Treat your team members to an abundance of choice. Our Gift Card can be used in-store or online across all of our brands and departments – including our exclusive designers and partners.

Say thank you

Let your hardworking teams and valued customers know just how much you appreciate them.


Build loyalty and boost retention by recognising the efforts of your outstanding employees.

Research effectively

Increase survey or research participation.

Dunnes Stores Gift card

Better Value for you

The more you gift, the more you save. Find out how corporate account holders can save on large gift card orders, here.

Better Value for your team

Your team members can use our €10 off €50 grocery vouchers alongside gift cards they spend on food and beauty.

Make it personal

We pride ourselves on our personal touch. Our dedicated team will guide you at every step of your journey to ensure a great experience end-to-end.