Head Office staff

Our team at Head Office supports, co-ordinates and develops Dunnes Stores. They’re responsible for influencing the direction and effectiveness of our business. Head Office ensures that our wide range of products are sourced cost-effectively and distributed to our 138 stores, and online. Our buying teams are located in Head Office, as well as financial, e-commerce and IT infrastructure departments.

Head Office serves our network of stores and ultimately, our customers. Our staff in Head Office must communicate well with customers and colleagues. We look for people who can work independently and within a team.


The backbone of retail is buying and selling. Our Buying department is split into fashion and food. The key aim of our Buying department is to ensure that Dunnes Stores customers get great products at excellent value. We aim to be a leader in the marketplace and our buyers work continuously to improve our range.

Buyers influence the management of our range and responsible for all their relevant strategy and development. The department constantly redevelops our buying process to deliver lower stock levels, shorter lead times and greater flexibility.

Dunnes Stores offers a very extensive range of products. It’s down to our Buying department to source a wide variety of lines. This maintains our strong reputation as the store where customers have everything at their fingertips.

Duties and responsibilities

  • Purchase quality products at low prices
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Understanding of current trends
  • Ensure the right stock is in the right store at the right price
  • Ability to recognise new ways to drive sales
  • Influence how we organise and lay out our stores
  • Meet customer needs for choice, quality, variety and price

Retail Operations

Our Retail Operations team works closely with our stores to shape how customer service is delivered.

Duties and responsibilities

  • Instrumental in developing new store formats
  • Managing how goods and services are provided
  • Strive to achieve outstanding standards across their division
  • Safeguard our assets


The Finance team are essential to the future of Dunnes Stores. They play a critical strategic role in our business. Financial analysis and reporting influence all of the major decisions we make. The team provide the core basis for all of our strategies and financial decisions.

Retailing is a competitive industry. The Finance department is key in ensuring that Dunnes Stores stay at the forefront of it.

Duties and responsibilities

  • Manage and report on the performance of Dunnes Stores as a whole
  • Ensure we operate appropriate financial controls
  • Pay staff and suppliers on time
  • Confirm the company has capital to fund projected business growth

Store Development

Our Store Development team ensures that the appearance and ambience of each one of our 138 stores are as great as the goods sold in them. With our continuous programme of business growth and development, there has never been a more exciting time to join our Store Development department. Roles vary from construction management and shop-fitting to design and property management.

Duties and responsibilities

  • Design buildings and services
  • Construction management of all new stores
  • Essential to delivering on the growth projections of Dunnes Stores
  • Emphasis on good use of space while being attractive and accessible
  • Store maintenance
  • Ensuring customers and staff enjoy a safe environment

Human Resources

Our Human Resources team ensures that we have the best and brightest working for us at Dunnes Stores. Our greatest asset is our employees, and Human Resources are responsible for keeping our workforce at their best.

Duties and responsibilities

  • Passionate about recruiting the best
  • Organise training for our workforce
  • Ensures staff careers are planned and developed to the fullest extent
  • Performance-management
  • Safeguard legal compliance
  • Problem solving and succession planning within our business
  • Organisational structuring and customer services within stores


IT is present at almost every stage of the Dunnes Stores retail experience. We have diverse opportunities across our IT department, depending on your skills and experience.

Dunnes Stores aim to become a market-leader in IT-enabled retailing. Beginning with e-commerce and Click & Collect, we’ve begun our journey of integrating business channels. IT is essential in developing this strategy for change.

We are looking to expand our IT capabilities and team significantly in the future. It is an important driver of future growth for us. Join us and become a crucial member of one of our most vital teams.

Duties and responsibilities

  • Analyse sales and trends
  • Management information – monitor stock and warehouse levels
  • Supply chain and distribution schedules
  • Offer new and secure ways for our customers to shop
  • Develop, design, analyse and project-manage our business systems
  • Keeping our people working efficiently


We aim to give our customers a great experience no matter how they shop. Dunnes Stores is a leading multi-channel retailer. Join our e-commerce team and you’ll be a part of developing our online strategy to take us to the top.

Duties and responsibilities

  • Ensure the brand is delivered across a wide range of business channels
  • Click and collect, e-retail, site management
  • Facilitate contact with our customers when and where they require it
  • Help in bringing Dunnes Stores global and multi-channel
  • Key to growth and development of Dunnes Stores


Our Marketing department develops and shows the strength of our brand. We look for marketers capable of crafting cohesive campaigns in line with our various brands, across fashion, home and food and beauty. Our Marketing team know what the consistent, solid image of Dunnes Stores means to our customers.

Duties and responsibilities

  • Work closely with product and buying teams
  • Plan key promotional campaigns in stores and online
  • Formulate communication of our message to customers
  • Understand the competitive retail marketplace


Our Logistics team keep things moving. Each section plays a critical role in helping us maintain our hard-earned reputation as a retail and service leader.

Duties and responsibilities

  • Manage the integrity of stock from receipt into warehouse until delivery to stores
  • Control frequency and ordering schedules between warehouses and stores
  • Maintain stock availability, particularly during key seasonal times