Essential kitchen kit

Wed, 5 Nov 2014

If you are starting out as a baker there are a few items that when added to your kitchen cupboard will make baking a lot easier and add to your success. Here are some of my favourite kitchen items.

Helen James

A Good Size Mixing Bowl

There is nothing worse than adding your flour only to find the mixture is bursting out of the bowl. A good deep mixing bowl will help keep everything inside and give you room to make large recipes.

Balloon Whisk

Whether whisking eggs or combining your dry goods, no kitchen should be without a good balloon whisk.

Pastry Brush

Our silicon pastry brush means you won’t end up with a stray brush hair in your syrup. Used for glazing, spreading melted butter in your baking tin or brushing syrup on a cake.

Silicon Spoon

Stir up your cake batter and then scrape it out of the bowl a silicon spoon doubles as a spatula.

Corner Spoon

Next time you are making a custard use a corner spoon to stir the pot. This spoon gets into the edges of your pan and makes it less likely that your custard will stick and helps prevent the dreaded curdle!

Measuring Cups

These are an American staple and I find them so easy to work with, to see how to use them properly read my measuring cups post.I will give my recipes both in grams and cup measurements.

Measuring spoon

Stop winging it by using the first spoon you get your hands on. Baking is a science and these guys will help you become a better and a more precise baker.

Rolling Pin

Every kitchen needs a rolling pin. This silicon pin is anti-stick so helps you roll out a smooth and perfect pastry.

Dough Scraper

Not just for scraping dough! I use this all the time in my kitchen from clearing off a flour filled worktop to slicing brownies into perfect squares, this is such a handy little tool.

Helen James

Heavy Gauge Bakeware

Every baker needs good baking tins. Our tins are heavy gauge, each item is non-stick and has markings to help you perfectly divide your baked goods into even portions!

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