Terms and Conditions – 25% Back Wine Promotion

  1. Exclusions apply. Additional VALUEclub points earned from this promotion will NOT be shown on customer’s till receipt.
  2. The additional points will be included in the Spring 2016 VALUEclub Mailing.*25 Points will be earned for every €1 spent on 6 Bottles of Wine & Champagne purchased in one transaction, this consists of 1 standard Point and 24 additional Points.
    For example, for every €40 you spend on 6 Bottles of Wine & Champagne you will receive €10 worth of vouchers in your Spring 2016 VALUEclub Mailing, €0.40 from standard Points and €9.60 from additional Points.
  3. If qualifying items are returned thereby reducing the volume of purchase below 6 bottles of wine & champagne , the additional 24 points per €1 earned will not be rewarded to a customer’s Christmas VALUEclub mailing.
  4. Promo offer 5% off 6 bottles is not applicable in combination with 25% back promotion. This offer replaces normal 5% discount on 6 or more bottles.