VALUEclub mailings

The VALUEclub 'Back to School' mailing will be sent to eligible customers during August 2019. The points collection period for this mailing runs from March 10th, 2019 to July 6th, 2019 inclusive.

If customers have earned 200 VALUEclub points or more during this period and have registered their VALUEclub card on or before July 6th, 2019, they will receive money vouchers in our next mailing. Mailings are sent to the postal address supplied to us during the registration process.

For every 100 points collected, customers receive a €1 voucher. If less than 200 points are earned during the collection period, these points will be carried forward and added to the next collection period and subsequent mailing.

To check your VALUEclub points balance, submit your card details here.

For additional information, see our VALUEclub FAQs.