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Bra Mishaps
Problems and Solutions

From band to straps to cups, finding a comfortable bra can seem daunting. To help, we have put together a few common bra mishaps you might come across on the road to finding that perfect bra.


Though many people think the straps do all the work, the band is what gives you the most support.

If your band rides up at the back

Adjust the length of your shoulder straps or try a smaller band size. Remember, when you get a smaller band size, you need to go one size bigger in the cup. For example, if you are a 34D your tighter band would be 32DD.

If your band is tight and digging into your skin

Try one band size larger.

If your band bulges at the sides and back

Choose a style with a scooped back or more cup coverage.


Ensure breasts are sitting in cups correctly.

If your cups gape

Try tightening your straps. If this doesn’t work, try a smaller cup size or alternative bra style.

If your cups overflow

Try a larger cup size.


While the support of the bra comes from the band, here is what you can do to adjust the strap.

Bra shoulder digging

If your straps dig in to your shoulders

Try loosening the straps until you feel comfortable pressure instead of a digging sensation. If this doesn’t work, consider trying one band size smaller for snugger fit. If you are plus-sized, choose a bra with a cushioned shoulder strap for support.

Bra strap slip

If your straps slip, even after tightening them

Check again that band and cups fit correctly or try another bra style.

Top Tip

Finding the style of bra that suits you is just as important as finding the right size. Your size will differ depending on the style of bra you choose. You should rethink the style of bra you wear if any part of your bra hurts, digs into your ribs, restricts your breathing or leaves deep indentations on your skin.