Chocolate lover gift

Wed, 3 Dec 2014

Helen James

Why not give the chocolate lover in your life the gift of Considered? From my rich chocolate brownie mix which is full of chocolate chips, to my new chocolate truffles, all of my chocolate and chocolate products are made in Ireland.

Try making my chocolate brownie mix and adding in chunks of your favourite flavoured bar for an individualized and decadent treat.

My new truffles come in bergamot, orange and hazelnut as well as pistachio and ginger- my two favourite chocolate bar flavours! These are the perfect gift size.

My rich chocolate sauce is made with Belgian chocolate, Irish cream and butter. Gently warm this sauce and pour it over ice cream, cakes or cookies.

Products used: Brownie Mix3521107 Hazelnut Truffles3561120 Pistachio3561119 Belgian Chocolate Sauce3520112 Milk Chocolate3521100 White Chocolate3521101